Custom Paper Bags

Your brand is taking off and you need custom packaging?

We specialize in custom paper, size, handle & printing preferences tailor-made to suit your needs.


    (1) Size

    You can choose from our wide range of stock products / provide us with your desired dimensions and we will tailor-made for you.

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    (2) Paper Material

    You can choose from: food-grade/non-food grade, kraft 100% recycled paper, kraft paper mix, virgin (white colour), or any bleached colour you desired.


    (3) Type of Handle

    You can choose from: flat handle, twisted handle, no handle, die-cut-handle, fabric handle, and ribbon handle.


    (4) Printing Method

    You can print as many colours as you want, choose from screen printing, digital printing, and flex printing.

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How long is the lead time for custom orders?

Approx. 8 weeks after artwork approval. (production: 30 days + shipping: 30 days)

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for custom bags?

The MOQ for custom bags can vary depending on the specific type and specifications of the bag.

Our general guideline is a standard MOQ of 10,000 units (per SKU) for most bags. However, certain bag types might have different requirements. We recommend consulting with us to determine the precise MOQ for your particular bag design and needs.

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Can we see samples before placing an order?

Before the production run, we can provide you Custom Printed Samples. The lead time is approx. 14 days (7 days for production + 7 days for shipping).

The shipping cost will be CAD$200.

What are the most common paper bag sizes?

It depends a lot on the business types, here is a general list:

  • Retail Stores: 8" x 4.75" x 10" Shopping Bags
  • Bakeries: 2"D x 6"W x 15 1/2"H Flat Sleeve Bags
  • Grocery Stores: 12"W x 7"D x 17"H Kraft SOS Grocery Paper Bags
  • Restaurants takeouts: 12.6"W x 6.3"D x 15.0"H Twisted Handle Paper Bags

How to measure the dimensions of my bags?

The measurements of a bag are generally written in this format:

Width (W) x Depth (D) or Gusset (G) x Length (L).

  • Width (W)
    Horizontal measurement of the face of the bag.
  • Depth (D) or Gusset (G):
    Measurement of opened gusset from edge to edge.
  • Length (L):
    Vertical measurement of the face of the bag.

How many colours can you print on the custom paper bags?

We can print from 1 colour to as many colours as you want (full colour).

Do you offer design services?

Yes we can help you with artwork design and/or logo placement.

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